Here at A-Z Education, we provide the following services to all prospective undergraduate students:

Phase One

  • Independent advice tailored to the student’s needs and circumstances
  • In-depth information for five courses that are suited to the student’s requirements and educational attainment

In order to successfully complete phase one, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Enquiry form – must be completed by the student
  2. Skype call between the student and one of our consultants
  3. Research into five suitable courses and universities must be undertaken by A-Z based on information supplied
  4. Follow-up Skype call to provide the student with the research and the opportunity to progress to phase two

Phase one will cost £500 and must be completed in order to progress to phase two.

Phase Two

  • Guidance and support to ensure the accurate completion and submission of your UCAS form
  • Guidance and support to assist in the creation of your personal statement
  • Additional advice in other areas, e.g. completing the IELTS test and obtaining a suitable school reference
  • Our unbiased recommendation on which course to choose for your first and insured choice

In addition, A-Z Education also provides helpful advice and assistance with the following steps:

  1. Registration with UCAS through A-Z
  2. Guidance and support for completing the UCAS form, obtaining school references and undertaking additional tests
  3. Creation of a draft version of the personal statement by the student
  4. Review of the personal statement by A-Z with helpful feedback provided
  5. Completion of administrative information for the UCAS application by the student – includes uploading finalised personal statement
  6. Skype calls scheduled as and when required to provide assistance and ensure the correct completion of the relevant forms
  7. UCAS form is submitted by the student

Phase two will cost £1,200.00 in total.