Here at A-Z Education, we provide the following services to all prospective postgraduate students:

Phase One

  • Bespoke advice that is individually tailored to suit the student’s specific needs
  • Comprehensive research provided for five courses that meet the needs and expected educational attainment of the student

The following steps must be completed in order to pass phase one successfully:

  1. Enquiry form is filled out by the student
  2. A Skype call is organised between our consultant and the student
  3. A-Z carries out extensive research to provide the student with information on five suitable course options and universities
  4. A second Skype conversation is arranged in which the student is made aware of the options, the research available and given the option to proceed

Phase one will cost £500 and must be completed in order to progress to phase two.

Phase Two

  • Advice and support to ensure the correct completion and submission of the postgraduate application
  • Helpful advice to assist in writing a winning personal statement
  • Advice to assist in the creation of a suitable CV
  • Additional advice in other areas, e.g. completing the IELTS test and obtaining a suitable school reference
  • Helpful recommendation on what course to select as your first and insured choice

In addition, A-Z Education also provides helpful advice and assistance with the following steps:

  1. Student registers with individual universities
  2. Administrative aspects of each application to be completed by the student
  3. A-Z will review your CV and provide you with any necessary feedback
  4. Guidance and support for completing each form, obtaining school reference and undertaking additional tests
  5. Advice on writing a personal statement – student begins by creating a draft version
  6. A-Z reviews the draft version and provides feedback for improvement if necessary
  7. Personal statement is finalised with guidance and support from A-Z
  8. Each application form is submitted once everything checks out
  9. Final Skype call is arranged upon receiving placement offers – advice is offered, and a recommendation is made by A-Z on which course the student should opt for

Phase two will cost £1,800.00 in total.